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Rare Vinyl Records Worth Money.

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SUNDOWN PLAYBOYS Saturday Nite Special NM- Holy Grail 78 Apple 44 The.

I rarely show off my 7" records, and I have quite a few.

77 USD on 17 Apr 2023 (30 bids) Vinyl. Joe Lauro owns Old78s. It’s important to note that two of them are promotional copies.

I’ll be refreshing this list of valuable 45’s every few months, to make sure it stays fresh, up to date, and accurate.

Do you have a whole bunch of 45 rpm records lying around? And a sneaking suspicion that some of them might be worth something? Read our guide to find out the. I Love You’ by The Beatles. .

. Vintage Vinyl 45 Records.

Just to underline how valuable these dusty old records can be, here's a brief list of some of the most expensive vinyl singles.


. 00 USD on 27 May 2018 (Buy It Now) Vinyl.

My Instagram: https://www. .

Most Valuable 45 rpm Vinyl Records; Most Valuable Vinyl Records From The 60’s; Metallica | Master Of Puppets (multitrack) Radiohead | Creep (multitrack) Foo Fighters |.
Maybe you splurge regularly on rare records or seek out deluxe reissues to.



45. Free shipping. First up we have what is for some the rarest 45 RPM single of all,.

Copied! Related. $0 $495. . Those old vinyl records could be worth a fortune. ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ / ‘Sweeter as the Days Go By’ by Frank Wilson.

61 (62) THE SMITHS Hand In Glove £1,800.

Check the Beverly Records on-line listings for the 45 rpm rare vinyl, and not so rare vinyl you've been looking for. .

Set the photos against a blank backdrop (such as a white sheet), and avoid using flash which can cause a reflection.

Nice Lot Of 20 45’s Records 1950s-80s 7” Vinyl.

Most Watched.

Wu-Tang Clan - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin - Rare CD! Sold for 1,025,100.

Below is a ranking of the 100 most expensive records ever sold on Discogs, including the current No.